“Faith Fuel Express”

Your Energetic Boost of Spirit and Movement!

Presented by: Garth Linzeay

Scheduled on:
Saturday 2:30 pm 6:30 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 am
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 am
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 am
Tuesday 2:30 pm 6:30 pm
Monday 2:30 pm 6:30 pm

Why “Faith Fuel Express”?

“Faith Fuel Express” is your dynamic companion during the lunch hour. It’s not just a workout; it’s a celebration of movement and worship, where the rhythm of faith meets the beat of your heart. Join us as we combine physical vitality with spiritual vitality, creating a unique and uplifting experience.

The Importance of Combining Fitness and Faith:

In the midst of your busy day, take a break to nourish both your body and soul. “Faith Fuel Express” encourages you to celebrate the gift of movement while fostering a deeper connection with your faith. Let the lively music and uplifting messages inspire you to push through challenges and find joy in the journey.

What to Expect:

  • Energetic Worship Music: Move to the rhythm of uplifting tunes that inspire and motivate.
  • Short Devotions: Take a moment for spiritual reflection and encouragement between workouts.
  • Scripture Readings: Infuse your cardio session with the powerful words of scripture, adding a spiritual dimension to your physical activity.

Your Lunchtime Celebration:

Whether you’re at home, at work, or wherever life takes you, “Faith Fuel Express” is your lunchtime celebration. It’s a reminder that taking care of your body and connecting with your faith can go hand in hand, creating a holistic and fulfilling break in your day.

Your Friendly Invitation:

Join us for “Faith Fuel Express” and make your lunch break a time of joy, movement, and spiritual vitality. All fitness levels are welcome as we embark on a journey of wellness and worship together. Let’s turn lunchtime into a celebration of body and spirit!

Experience the fusion of faith and fitness with “Faith Fuel Express.” We can’t wait to share this energetic and uplifting time with you!


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