“A Mother’s Unshakable Faith: God is Still Moving”

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In the midst of the challenges we face in our society today, it’s disheartening to witness how some have lost sight of the profound values that once guided us. One can’t help but reflect on a particular story—the story of a determined mother who sacrificed tirelessly to provide her son with an education.

This mother, holding down a full-time job, took on extra work to ensure her son had opportunities she never had. It was her dream that he would receive an education, and she worked relentlessly to make it happen. When he graduated from high school, their hearts were filled with joy, knowing that her labor had borne fruit.

As he left for college, dressed impeccably in a suit, polished shoes, and a neat haircut, she reminded him not to forget the struggles she endured to get him to where he was. He promised to remember and cherish her sacrifices. However, as time went on, something changed.

In his letters home, he mentioned less and less about God and faith. Eventually, there was no mention of them at all. His mother became deeply concerned. One day, a letter arrived, announcing his return home. She eagerly awaited his arrival, wanting to talk to him face-to-face.

When he finally returned, she was taken aback. He no longer wore the suit she had seen him off in. His shoes were scuffed, and replaced by sandals. His once-neat haircut had grown unruly, and he sported a beard. He looked like a different person, and she didn’t recognize her own son.

In their conversation, she asked what had changed him so drastically. He confessed that he had become scientifically minded and could no longer believe in God. He challenged her: “Can you touch God like you touch me? Can you see God like you see me?” Her heart ached as she admitted she couldn’t.

He boldly said that until she could prove God’s existence to him, he would not return to the well-dressed, faithful young man he once was. His words pierced her heart.

That night, the mother went to bed, but before getting in, she knelt down to pray fervently to the Almighty, the One who had helped her work to send her son to college. In the early hours of the morning, she heard her son cry out in agony from a toothache.

She rushed to his side, asking what was wrong. He explained the pain was excruciating, moving up and down his face. She posed a question that would change everything: “Can you see your toothache? Can you touch the pain?” He admitted he couldn’t, but he knew it was there because he felt it.

With unwavering faith, the mother explained that she couldn’t see or touch God either, but she knew He was there. She knew because, just like the toothache, she could feel Him moving within her heart. Her faith had not wavered, and she encouraged her son to have the same faith in God.

For all of you who have poured your heart and soul into your children’s upbringing, never give up. Even if they don’t turn out as you hoped, keep instilling in them the belief that God is real, that He still reigns, and that He watches over us. Look around, and you’ll see signs and wonders that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is still moving.

We know this because we’ve witnessed the transformative power of God in our lives. As the choir harmonizes in song, let us remember the lesson from that devoted mother: God may not always be visible or tangible, but His spirit moves among us, guiding us, and giving us hope.

Rev. V.B and the Gospel Flames - God Is Still Moving

Released: 1981 Written By: Rev. Vivian Burke.


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