The quality of your spirit life

6 July 2019 Main/Post Spiritual Warfare

The keys to a good life surprisingly begins with addressing pending negative matters from the unseen world which we commonly refer to as the spirit world!
The troubles, obstacles, delays and setbacks that we experience in our natural lives are clear indicators of a) our lack of spiritual knowledge and b) Our inability to successfully fight and shut these evils and negative patterns down in the spirit world so that they do not manifest in our natural world.
One of the more secular demonstrations of this spiritual revelation, are motivational speakers that encourages their audience, class or even congregation to focus on making declarations from a positive stand point in spite of how adverse or negatively convincing it may appear from a natural perspective. It is through those positive declarations that they believe somehow would change what once appeared negative to transition into a positive situation.
The reality is these folks are participating in a spiritual law which spiritually dictates that we “MUST CALL THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT AS THOUGH THEY ARE” Romans 4:17.
One of the more noted ways of participating in this spiritual principle is by canceling our negative dreams and asking God to destroy all evil covenants that may have been established by evil spirits in our dreams whose intentions were to manifest their evil in our lives. The spirit realm is where everything happens but more importantly it is the place where everything has it beginning. Coincidentally, it is also the same place where all things have their endings. Thus, the quality of a person’s life will be predicated on whether they won or lost their spiritual battles in the spirit realm because whatever the results were in the spirit world will be manifested in our natural world.
I can vividly recall attending a funeral and while casually speaking to a family member of the deceased, I was told of a dream that the deceased had a few weeks prior to their demise. In this dream the deceased was shot multiple times in the dream and that he (the deceased) had died in the dream. Of course I stood there in amazement listening to this dream with my thoughts being dominated by the spiritual law of destruction that clearly says, “My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6.
I am convinced that had that deceased person been exposed to the spiritual understanding of shutting negative stuff down in the spiritual realm so that it does not take place in our natural world, then more than likely that deceased person would be in the land of the living today!
My advice to you this wonderful morning is simply this, cancel, rebuke and destroy all negative dreams via prayer and continue to speak and declare the positive in all things as opposed to declaring what appears to be negative. In doing this you are dictating to the spiritual world how your natural world should perform for you, of course the performance will be positive for you!
~Kevin L A Ewing!


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